Here at Blackwell Soundz, we believe in supporting community based and non profit organizations. Once a year we provide free services to three organizations. This are our way to appreciate the hard working people who give much of their time to help support those in need and families in the community. Please view the organizations we supported in 2018.


Camp Footprint

is an experience every child with CMT deserves. And there's nothing quite like watching a child's face light up with the joy of discovering new friends, the pride of accomplishment, and the wonder that nature offers. Camp Kon-O-Kwee is located at 126 Nagel Rd, Fombell, PA 16123.  The camp is conveniently located 40 miles north outside of the Pittsburgh Airport. Please contact Camp Director Jonah Berger at , or Assistant Camp Manager Laurel Richardson at or 800-606-2682 x 112. All campers must have a diagnosis of CMT. This question will be asked on doctor's forms and will need to be signed off by doctor.

What is CMT?

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease CMT is an inherited peripheral neuropathy means that there is a problem with the nerves. Peripheral refers to the peripheral nervous system, which is all of the nerves that branch from the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and travel to the feet and hands - the periphery of the body. People with CMT usually have problems with their feet and hands, including feet deformity (high arches and hammertoes), foot drop, abnormal sensations (and loss of fine motor skills. Not everyone with CMT is affected in the same way. Some patients have mild neuropathy, while others may have more severe problems with walking, hands, and/or sensation. 


The Stop, Drop & Run 5K is one of Beaver County’s largest races that features a standard 5K Walk/Run and a firefighter themed obstacle course.  This course is between 4-4.5 miles long and features over 20 firefighter themed obstacles.  Participants are able to register for both the standard 5k and the obstacle course if they desire.

New for 2018, the Stop, Drop & Run Obstacle course now features an option for teams.  Please note that this isn’t a requirement and that runners can participate individually as they have in the past.  The average of the top four times (two males and two females) from the team will be utilized for ranking purposes from each team.  Teams can be as large as you desire and all members of the team will run in the same race wave.  A traveling trophy has been designed that will be awarded to the winning team for the year.  A trophy will be awarded to a Military/First Responder & Families Team and a Civilian team as well.